Malwina's shelf

Hi everybody !
Todfay's shelf is Malwina's, and it's so cute !
She lives in the netherlands and works as an independent crafter. Make sure to check out her website as well (you can spot it on the screen of the computer on her desk), because she makes the most beautiful items !


Ookah's shelf - Reloaded

Hi everybody !
So to start a new round of shelves, this is another one of mines. I already showcased a design books bookshelf here, but I also have regular non-design books and DVDs so to gain some space I put them behind a door in my tiny parisian flat.


Almost back !

Hey !
Although it's been over a year since this blog has been on hiatus (mostly because I had lost my access ID... ok I'm a bit light-headed sometimes), I kinda feel like it's time to check some shelves again. (Not today though, let's take this thing slowly).

So if you have some pictures you'd like to submit, please do ! I'll try to post a new shelf every Saturday.

And because I can't leave you with nothing to gaze at while waiting for Saturday, here are a few links :

- An article on Murketing all about bookshelves (love the upside-down one !)
- A post on To Limbo and Beyond about CheckMyShelf (ok it's a year-old post but still)

See you Saturday !