Sylvie's Shelf

Hi everybody !
Today's shelf is very special and I'm very proud to show it to you. It's Sylvie's Shelf, and it's organized BY ALPHABETICAL ORDER ! Can you believe that ? I have seen it in real life, and I can tell you, it's really spectacular. Everybody would like to organize their books like that, but let's face it, nobody summons up the courage to do it. Sylvie did !


Alison's Shelf

Hi everybody ! Today's shelf comes from California, USA, thanks to Alison. Alison is a graduate student in ecology (is that cool or what ?). Besides research, she enjoys making music, paintings and tostadas (I had to check this word, and DAMN it sounds good).
In her own words, "[she] used to consciously try to make [her] bookshelf a snapshot of [herself] and what [she] thinks about", which is also my idea of a great bookcase. I mean, we all got shameful books hidden on the back of our shelves, but let's be honest, we display the really good ones right in front. Right ?
This bookshelf is from Ikea, simple and sturdy, and I personnaly really like it because I used to have the same... tee-hee !


News & Goodies !

Hi folks !
Exciting news : CheckMyShelf is featured on Stickers And Donuts, on a post about bookshelves obsession. Yeah !
Stickers and Donuts is a really cool blog about... well, everything, as long as it's arty, cute, interesting and colorful.
Go check it out !

AND, to celebrate, I propose to you : Goodies !
Here is a wallpaper, to bookshelf up your computer !

Download wallpaper :

Enjoy, and stop by tomorrow for a new display from... California.


Maria's Shelf

Today's shelf is Maria's ! Ok, this is not really a shelf, more like a big pile of graphic design books. But that's because Maria's got wayyyy too much books, so she chose to show us this nice selection (VERY nice. Man, I wish I had some of those books). Maria's still at school, but she has already worked in various design fields, and for companies like Panasonic, Arte France, Fly and Oxford. (woo !). She's going to Argentina in a few days, but you can still keep in touch on her blog Kiedis.fr


Another Alice's Shelf

Today's shelf is from another Alice, with whom I was also at school with. You can take a look at her website : www.alicelambert.com
For a change, this is not a bookshelf, but a packaging shelf ! Alice is very fond of packaging from all over the world, and she collects design water bottles. She said : "I love the range of materials, papers of printing modes that packaging offers". And she's right, packaging rules.


Alice's Shelf

The 4th shelf is Alice's !
Alice was also in Graphic Design School with me, and she shares my love of design books and any printed material.  She currently lives in Paris with her flatmate, and until very recently she babysat for my goldfish.
You can see her artwork on her BLOG.


Thibault's Shelf

And the third person to show off his shelves on this blog iiiiiiiiiis..... Thibault ! 
He was in Graphic Design School with me (you can check out his website HERE), and obviously has an overload of books too.


HolyMother's Shelf

This is HolyMother's shelf. Well, one of her numerous bookshelves actually. I know for a fact that her flat is filled with books, from floor to ceiling.


Ookah's Shelf

I'm going to open the ball. I'm Ookah, I'm a freelance graphic designer, (www.ookah.com) so I work at home, which is a very good excuse to buy tons of graphic design books. Buying books is my weakness, along with buying vinyls to play on my almost-dead  hi-fi system. And buying vintage dresses, but this is another subject.

Je vais ouvrir le bal. Je suis Ookah, graphiste freelance, (www.ookah.com) ce qui fait que je bosse chez moi. Une excuse en or pour acheter plein de livres de graphisme. Acheter des livres est une de mes faiblesses. Comme acheter des vinyls pour lire sur ma chaine hifi quasi morte. Ou acheter des robes vintage, mais c'est une autre histoire.


Welcome !

Hi, and welcome on Check My Shelf. The basic purpose of this website is to allow people to show off their shelves : bookshelves, dvd-shelves, vynil-shelves... As long as it says "pop-culture" and "woohoo", it's good to go. Photography, illustration, any way you like !
You can e-mail me your shelves pictures at contact@ookah.com, along with your name (or alias), occupation and a link to your website/blog/twitter/stuff.
Enjoy !

Bonjour, et bienvenue sur Check My Shelf. Le but de ce site est de permettre aux gens de montrer leurs étagères : livres, dvds, vynils... Tant que c'est "pop" et "woohoo", ça roule. Photographies, illustrations, comme vous voulez !
Vous pouvez m'envoyer vos images à contact@ookah.com, accompagnées de votre nom (ou pseudo), ce que vous faites dans la vie, quelques mots sur vous si vous voulez, et un lien vers votre site/blog/twitter/truc si vous en avez.
C'est parti !