Malwina's shelf

Hi everybody !
Todfay's shelf is Malwina's, and it's so cute !
She lives in the netherlands and works as an independent crafter. Make sure to check out her website as well (you can spot it on the screen of the computer on her desk), because she makes the most beautiful items !
She makes handmade, unique accessories filled with color and joy, and thus her workplace is a little wonderland !

Look at all these fabrics ! This is kind of my dream desk (which would be a waste as I can barely sew a button)

She loves surrounding herself with fabrics, supplies (buttons, ribbons...), inspiring pictures and quotes, and lots of happy colors.
Cuteness overload !!


  1. Thanks for showcasing my shelf! We actually moved out of that apartment some time ago, but it's nice to have those pictures as a souvenir :-)

  2. Glad you like it, and thank you so much for submitting ! Sorry it took so long to showcase it... You'll have to send new ones now :)


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