James' Shelf

Today's Shelf is James' !
Because he is a bit of a nutcase and can't do everything like everybody else, he decided to re-draw his shelf (well, desk) in Illustrator. Which is crazy, but look at the result ! This is amazingly detailled.
Here is a close-up :

James is a graphic designer and currently works for TF1News. So, as you can see, he has a big computer and lots of graphic design books. (And Lord Of The Rings, Back to the Future, Blade Runner and Mad Max. And about FOUR external hard drives. This CLEARLY is a guy's desk)
CLICK HERE for a better view of the picture !


Eve's Shelf !

Hi everybody ! It's been a while, but here a new shelf !
Today's shelf is Eve's, from Bali (Indonesia).
She work as a sourcing agent, and is also a part time blogger and most of the time, a reader. That's why she needs as much space as possible to keep all her books. Learn more about her on her blog !

As she puts it, it's a bookcase AND a vanity at the same time !
Look at all this beauty products, I sure wish I had as many as that !


Christin's Shelf

Hi everybody !
Today's shelf is Christin's, from Chicago (and sometimes NY). She works for a non-profit organization where she crunches numbers. So, she does a lot of math at work, and reading is a nice contrast to that. She has a little built in shelf that separates the kitchen from the dining room. (that's such a good idea !). It holds about half her books, which she holds pretty dear. Notice the little porcelain doves ? Cute, right ?
Learn more about Christin on her blog !


Sue's Shelf

 Hi everybody !
Today's shelf is Sue's. Sue is from rural South Australia, and she creates fashion jewellery and works with found objects and uses old stuff to create new stuff. She has a studio in her house, where she puts all her materials. The studio isn't large (3x2,7 m) so she piles up everything.
She is also studying printmaking. Many talents !
You can check out her blog, ots of wonderful things on it !
And look after the jump, more pictures !


Kate's Shelf

Today's Shelf is Kate's !
Kate is 23, from Southern Illinois, and currently pursuing a master degree in communication and women's studies. She loves books and brass animal figurines (as you can plainly see in the above pic)
Check out her Blog !
And please look after the jump for her second bookshelf, it's marvelous.


Edith's Shelf

Today's Shelf is Edith's !
She is from California, USA, and gratuated from university mast june with degrees in Political Science and International Studies (whoa, that's serious). She's currently applying to grad school, taking various classes and making super pretty jewelry you can buy on Etsy.
This bookcase is the not solely hers, her twin sister and boyfriend helped fill it up.
To know more on Edith , check out her Blog and Website.


Luisa's Shelf

Today's Shelf is Luisa's ! She's 29 and lives in Frankfurt, Germany (see that, CheckMyshelf is going really international !). She works for an  advertising company as a project manager, and when she doesn't work she sews. She's actually preparing crafty stuff to sell on Etsy soon, this is why she bought this particular bookshelf, in order to organise her crafty books, fabrics and materials.
Her creations are so cute and perfectly produced, it's amazing.
Check out her Blog, Twitter and Flickr !


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Mila's Shelf

Hi everybody !
Today's very pretty shelf is Mila's, from the Netherlands. She finished Social Studies at the University in 2009 and is now looking for a job, ideally in something like Interior Design Styling.
She also loves creating handmade goods (you can buy them HERE, there's some really cute stuff !).
To find more about Mila, check her Blog and her Flickr.


Juliette's Shelf

A quick peeping at Juliette's bookshelf ! She actually moved a lot recently, so most of her books are in boxes somewhere, but she took the time to send a picture of the ones she still has with her, thank you Ju !
Juliette is a graphic designer, copywriter, and webdesigner (that's a lot), currently polishing her knowledge and looking for a job. You can see more of her work on her blog, Pontuation.


This week on Where The Lovely Things Are blog !

Hi all, no new shelf today but check this out :
CheckMyShelf is on Mallory's great blog "Where the Lovely Things Are" this week !

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EDIT : Ho, the shelf fun never stops, CheckMyShelf is also mentionned there :
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So now you have no excuse: get your camera and send me your shelves, so you can be part of this worldwide phenomenon !
To send me your pics : contact@ookah.com. Cheers !

Ho, and a new bookshelf tomorrow, stay tuned.



Avi's Shelf

Today's shelf is Avi's. He's currently working on his thesis about war (no kidding), and lives in a cute and rather small studio in Paris. His flat is filled with books, so to keep a livable space the bookshelf is directly IN the wall, under the roof. Clever !


Tan's Shelf

Happy new year everyone !
Let's kick-start with a really cool shelf : Tan's shoes shelf. I've always wanted to put my shoes in some kind of display, instead of a big pile hidden in some cupboard. Well, Tan did it and it rocks.