Sue's Shelf

 Hi everybody !
Today's shelf is Sue's. Sue is from rural South Australia, and she creates fashion jewellery and works with found objects and uses old stuff to create new stuff. She has a studio in her house, where she puts all her materials. The studio isn't large (3x2,7 m) so she piles up everything.
She is also studying printmaking. Many talents !
You can check out her blog, ots of wonderful things on it !
And look after the jump, more pictures !

Lots and lots of storage units ! I especialy like the bow labelled "Collage bits - Yummy !"

Look at all this small wonders !
I wanna open every boxe and look into it...
There's een a glass jar of Scrabble letters !


  1. WOW...I would quite LOVE that shelf!
    Heading over to her blog now.

  2. This reminds me of that scene in "Everything is Illuminated" where the old lady has boxes piled everywhere. I love that movie, love her shelf, love your blog, love her blog...

  3. What an amazing bookshelf to explore! So many little treasures.

    I am so glad I found your blog... You can tell so much about a person from their bookshelf... Kiwi said he knew he loved me once he saw mine.

    Keep up the wonderful work!


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